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Dr. Ariel Solomon


Founded in 2006, Allosterix-Pharma is an Israeli drug design company with core competencies in the field of drug discovery and design. Allosterix-Pharma has developed a patent-pending technology for locating allosteric sites and peptidic drug design. Our approach to drug design is unique because we create inhibitors based on the principles of allostery. The advantage to this drug-design approach is simple: specificity. With our approach, selectivity is inherent in each peptidic inhibitor.


All enzyme inhibitors developed to date have been orthosteric in nature, meaning they target the active of the enzyme. Almost always, these active sites are conserved among families of enzymes and much time and effort is expended to create drugs with a selectivity profile fit for human use. In contrast, allosteric sites are located distal to the active site, in non-conserved regions of the enzyme. Therefore, by designing drug to these unique regions we can produce inhibitors with unprecedented selectivity profile. This is a departure from any previous drug design strategy aimed at inhibiting enzymatic function.

Our unique allosteric inhibitors show little to no reactivity with other enzymes, evenly very closely related enzymes. This translates into low incidence of triggering unwanted side effects or toxic effects. Therefore, an allosteric inhibitor has a significantly higher chance of success at the clinical stage to becoming a drug.

Research and Innovation:

Allosterix Tackling debilitating diseases
Autoimmune disorders such as arthritis and inflammation, cancer and Alzheimer’s are just four of the many conditions of our time that have devastating consequences. Despite the major progress being made in their treatment, there is still a huge need for better therapies to control and reverse the progression of these chronic, debilitating diseases. We are committed to creating safe drugs that improve patient’s quality of life and prolong their survival.
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Allosterix-Pharma and Prof. Diana Gutsaeva from Augusta Unviersity have successfully completed the first stage of testing AL4-1A1 (anti-TNF-alpha converting enzyme allosteric inhibitor) in dry eye indication. Successful experiment will result in further collaboration in the near future.
Pharmaceutical company that would like to collaborate in further developing the inhibitor, is welcome to contact Dr. Solomon

April 2011

Allosterix-Pharma collaborates with Glasgow University, UK,
to try Allosterix TACE inhibitor as a drug for Renal fibrosis.

February 2011

Allosterix-Pharma collaborates with Liege Hospital University, Belgium
to try Allosterix TACE inhibitor as a drug for Multiple Myeloma.

May 2010

"Frost and Sullivan" published Drug Discovery Technology Alert"about Allosterix-Pharma's allosteric drug-design technology.

March 2010

Allosterix-Pharma has successfully completed the in vivomice test for the first drug for the treatment of RA, (rheumatoid arthritis). This included therapeutic groups.

November 2009

Allosterix-Pharma was chosen as the "Startup Weekly" by ISLI biomed-blogs. The article describes in a simple manner, Allosterix's unique drug-design technology.